Wednesday 16 October 2013

Great Evergreen Content for Google Hummingbird

Google’s latest Hummingbird algorithm change is possibly the biggest thing to happen to search for a long time. One of the biggest alterations is that Google has now shifted increased focus onto ‘Evergreen’ content or articles that offer more depth, are established and very descriptive.
Creating ‘evergreen’ content however is often easier said than done as it takes a lot of preparation and work. However, when it does go right, it provides a lot of rewards even more so now Hummingbird is with us. So, let’s take a look at six of the best but most attainable forms of evergreen content.

The How–to

‘How to’ posts are a fantastic form of evergreen content and a lot of the instructional posts of this nature tend never really to go out of date. Think of how often you go to search for how to do something online – if you’re like us nine times out of ten.
Of course, there are plenty of ‘How to put up a shelf’ articles out there –so the only way to truly benefit is to create the best one out there. Comprehensive articles that take time and effort offer the real rewards here, while a bare 400 words is never going to compete in race and will have shed its leaves within weeks of posting.
The other thing about the How-to post is it can be updated – so take for instance a post on how to change the display settings on a Samsung Galaxy S4. Next, year with a few tweaks you can update it to provide the same instructions for the Samsung Galaxy S5. This means that though it’s an investment in the short term, well put together evergreen content like this can really push traffic in the longer term.

What is?

Often when we start working on something new, we come across fundamental terms that we’ve never had a notion of beforehand. The ‘what is a (item)? Post is also a great back to basic offering and one that can be extremely successful and as most items are always the same, the post will always work. Once again, ensure it’s the definitive post on the web to get the right amount of traffic.


Lists are fantastic for sharing, generate large amounts of interest and are easy to compile, change and compare. Websites such as Listly, allow you to create socially shareable lists that can both look great and also keep attention spans for relatively prolonged periods of time. Listly also allows users to help curate the posts themselves and add to them, pushing the social element, as well as the curation side of things.

Story of

The story of something is often a good way to create something of the evergreen nature. Creating ‘history of’ or ‘The Story of’ posts can be a great way to create interesting reading that never goes out of date and will be searched for on a daily basis.


Depending on the industry, curating news and up-to-date information and bringing news and views together in one place can work well once relevant. Just add a link and a brief synopsis and watch as you’re elevated in your industry to the status of a go to person and watch as people consistently return to your site each day to follow the latest in the industry. It’s not necessarily evergreen content, but it’s an evergreen attitude.
These are just some of the great forms of evergreen content out there that Hummingbird will lap up as it truly interests and benefits readers

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